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Combining the resources and infrastructure of I-Immigrate, our teams are changing people’s lives for the better through the DV Programs.
I-Immigrate strives to enable people to Go through the process effectively.
immigrate to the U.S is our very purpose.
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The benefits you get from us

Submit application forms throughout the year differently when you submit alone

Preparing for interviews and meetings with the US Embassy

Following our rich experience, we will prepare you for interviews and meetings with the US Embassy

Notary services to U.S. government immigration agencies

About our U.S. Immigration expert's department

Our U.S. Immigration Expert’s Department provides top-of-the-line service and support when the goal is to assist you with having a permanent residency.

Our focus is upon our clients and identifying the very best immigration solutions which will meet individual needs.

We are proud of our reputation for obtaining the results our clients require in order to meet their personal and professional goals.

Our Team

Our team is to assist in developing successful “relocation plans” by entering to the D.V. Program.  

We have a team dedicated to the resolution of D.V. Program’s registration process.

Whether clients need assistance with employment visas, complex family-based visa petitions and/or waivers, Participations in the Green Card programs, or other immigration law concerns, we have the in-depth experience required.

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Submission to the Green Card Program


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Submission to the Green Card Program

2022 - 2026

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Submission to the Green Card Program

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